Friends of Paper Fleet

March 4th, 2013 by paperfleet


Mr Chen’s Page
he painted the cover for Hi, Sailor

here’s some of the awesome bands we’ve either played with or are friends with. We reccomend them to personages interrested in awesome rock.

Sunset Guns

Jon Mann’s Other band

Moonmen on the Moon Man

I was in this band playing bass – Jim

We are going on tour with these guys and we stole their bass player.

Bright Lights
awesome good time heart felt music.

Ne’er Doevers
Our Brooklyn band pals

The Vandervoorts
This is one fun band with losts of neat songs about subways and buses around Greenpoint. possibly broken up. Lets pray for a reunion.

The Subgroups
“Sub” of The Vandrevoorts and Paper Fleet – Also possibly defunct, but that wont stop them from releasing their debut album just recorded last week (august 2007).

Joe Jack Talcum
Doesnt really need a plug from us, but he is awesome. If you don’t know, hes the guitarrist from the Dead Milkmen, and vocalist of some of their best songs like Punk Rock Girl and Dean’s Dream. But his solo stuff shows what a great songwriter he truly is.

MC Darth Gazin (aka Ghost Dad aka skeleteen aka DJ Ding Dong Diddily Doofus) 
You may know him from his armpits on the UNI QLO ads. He’s a good DJ who also puts on crazy shows with fake blood and writes great live journal entries and draws cool pictures.

Sadman Vlad 
Sadman Vlad was concieved in the slums of Moscow, Russia, born amidst the midwestern planes of Missouri, nurtured in the beautiful and lonesome upstate New York and drowned himself in the sorrow and melancholy of London, England. He enjoys alcohol, women and severe depression caused by both of the above stated…

Cause Co-motion
voted best new band in New York by a show of hands amongst ourselves.

Red Pony Clock
Some awesome people from California who played with us at Fort Awesome (God rest it’s soul)

USS Monitor 
USS Monitor’s lead singer is our former practice space landlord. And they are quite talented as well.

Ancient Justice 
The previous project of Liam from Cause Co-motion. They dont play out much these days, but they still record cassette albums often (They are trying to set a record for most songs/albums written by a single band,or so it is said.) A couple of songs we play appeared on a split 7 inch with them under the then moniker of “The Ottomen”.

The Ottomen
Jim’s old band from college who continue to this day with lead singer Misung Stevenson in St Louis. Also the name of the record label run by Jim and Dave.Friends